It’s been said that with patience and persistence, one can achieve almost anything. But to be persistent, you’ve got to be motivated and if you’re like many people that can be a tough thing to do.

Here’s a little trick that can help you stay motivated to change how you look and feel.

Each day on a little Post-It note, write down one reason why you want to look and feel different and tape it to a sheet of paper. Do the same thing each day for 21 days.

Look at all the previous days and reasons you wrote down and do so first thing in the morning and last thing at night before bed. Thinking of new reasons will get easier with each day you do this.

At the end of 21 days, don’t be surprised if you feel some positive changes inside – thinking, believing and acting differently – that can help change your body and life.

Whenever you find yourself feeling a bit less motivated, simply look at all the reasons you wrote why you want this for your life and that’ll put back on the right road again and help keep you there.

Rodrick Covington