Embracing your Body! Not hollywood's

Stars' Perfectly Imperfect Body Parts

Don’t let those dazzling smiles and svelte waistlines fool you – even celebrities can have body oddities. But luckily, these stars didn't let their imperfections stand in their way. In fact, as you'll see, some are even happy to share their celebrity body quirks with the world. These stars were able to find the confidence they needed to achieve their dreams. And if they can do it, so can you!

My beautiful Halle Berry: An Extra Toe?
Academy-Award winning actress and perennial top 10 most beautiful woman, Halle Berry has long been rumored to have a sixth toe. Photographs of what appears to be an extra digit next to her pinky toe have circulated on the Internet for years. Polydactyly is the term for having an extra toe or finger. This type of body cosmetic deformity is often genetic and more common among African-Americans than other ethnic groups. The extra digit is usually just soft tissue without joints and can be easily removed.

Stephen Colbert: Floppy Ear

Television pundit and comedian, Colbert likes to show off his body oddity — a lame ear. He rolls his ear down into itself and then gives a little sideways grin to make it pop back out. In an interview with David Letterman, Colbert explained that his body quirk was because of a problem inside his right ear when he was younger. It required an operation to “scoop it all out with a melon baller.” The surgery caused him to lose hearing in that ear. “This is just a prop,” he said, flicking his ear. “It doesn’t work at all …
It’s all gone. Nothing in here.”

Ashton Kutcher: Webbed Toes
“I have connected toes…They’re slightly webbed. When everything else is this good-looking, something has got to be messed up!” That was Kutcher’s response when asked about his webbed feet on a British television show. Syndactyly of the feet is a body cosmetic deformity — no medical treatment is necessary. Syndactyly, which usually occurs in between the second and third toes, is one of the most common congenital hand or foot defects. About one out of every 2,500 babies is born with syndactyly, which may require surgery to separate the fingers or toes. Webbing usually occurs between the second and third toes, as is the case for the Two and a Half Men star.
So embrace every part of you and make the best of yourself!!!!

Rodrick Covington