Core Rhythm Fitness is a holistic fitness and nutrition company that is passionate about body, mind and spirit transformation.




While personal training is common, CRF specializes in personal fitness, where fitness is a lifestyle that encompasses body, mind, and spirit - not a competition. We at Core Rhythm Fitness believe there is a strong difference between bodybuilding competitions, where unhealthy habits are developed, and true FITNESS.


A CRF Nutrition Narrative is a customized 6- to 8-week journey made up of four chapters. This Narrative will outline everything you need to know about your nutrition, teaching you about the exact foods your body can recognize as fuel so that you can build lean muscle mass, rather than store fat.


the shred

The SHRED is an intense combination package of the full Core Rhythm Fitness experience: tailored nutrition, group fitness classes and premium accountability geared to sculpt, define and SHRED!