CRF Packages & Pricing

Get ready to trust your core... not your gut!

While personal training is common, CRF specializes in personal fitness, where fitness is a lifestyle that encompasses body, mind, and spirit - not a competition. We at CRF believe there is a strong difference between bodybuilding competitions, where unhealthy habits are developed, and FITNESS. We believe in the philosophy of living from your CORE in a natural way and not dying with a gut, eating unhealthy foods, or getting lean using unnatural supplements.  

CRF Nutrition Narrative

A CRF Nutrition Narrative is a customized 6- to 8-week journey that is compiled into four different chapters, with two weeks per chapter. This Narrative will outline everything you need to know about your nutrition, teaching you about the exact foods your body can recognize as fuel so that you can build lean muscle mass, rather than store fat. The Narrative is tailored specifically to you.

You will need to install the free MyFitnessPal app on your smartphone or tablet to record your daily food diary. This is one of the ways that we'll be tracking your progress and your adherence to the Narrative!

Four-chapter Nutrition Narrative: $2,500

A payment plan is available for those choosing to pay with installments. 






More than one of you? A $500 discount is available when you get a Narrative for you and your spouse or friend!

CRF Workout Sessions

With nutrition under control, your tailored CRF sessions become even more effective. CRF specializes in leaning, toning, defining, and sculpting the body through an innovative and creative series of customized structured exercise programs geared to inspire your spirit, empower your mind, and maximize your body's strength! You can purchase your sessions individually or - to save big - as packs of multiple sessions that you can schedule. Our best prices are for those who have purchased a CRF Nutrition Narrative.

One - on - One Sessions In Studio

Single Workout: $180
5 sessions: $165 each
10 sessions: $140 each

In-Home Personal Training: $205 each

More than one of you? Special rates are available when you work out with friends! See them here.

Team CRF Classes

We offer high-intensity group fitness classes that are designed to sculpt, define, and lean your body while taking your strength and endurance to the next level! These small, intimate classes provide you the personal attention and innovative training techniques that set CRF apart from the rest, while being apart of an energetic and encouraging communal environment.


Single Workout: $40                                            -Submit for more information  

5 Classes: $35 each                                                -ATTEND YOUR FIRST CLASS FREE OF CHARGE

10 Classes: $30 each                                                  

Online Payments for the CRF Nutrition Narrative and CRF Workout Sessions can be made online here after our first FREE CRF ASSESSMENT/CONSULTATION. Or we gladly take check, chase quick pay, visa, master, amex in person as well. 


Where can we do CRF Private Training SESSIONS?

Most of our clients have a gym in their building, which is often perfect, and others have a membership at a public gym. In either case, please find out if your gym allows outside personal trainers. CRF has all the credentials they will need if they ask, such as insurance, certifications, and licenses.

Please note and understand that CRF trainers are not employees of any gym-affiliated corporation.  CORE RHYTHM FITNESS is an independent fully certified personal fitness company. 

We also have a few Personal Training Locations with an additional rental cost that we train at around Manhattan:

  • GymNYC 227 Mulberry St. basement level btw Spring/Prince St. 
  • We can always train at other Personal Gyms in your area as well. 

What happens next?

Now is the time to schedule a time where we can meet and have a FREE CONSULTATION and FULL ASSESSMENT. You will need to wear comfortable clothing to do a CRF "testing" assessment, which just involves a mini CRF session.

We will measure your:

  • weight
  • height
  • body fat %
  • body mass index
  • waist, hip, chest, arm, and thigh measurements

We will also be performing an URINALYSIS. This will help us create your personalized CRF Nutrition Narrative by showing us the exact foods you need to be eating.

This is to determine the exact foods your body can have to recognize food  as fuel so that your body can build lean muscle mass, rather than store fat.  We will also need to do a fitness Assessment as well, which just involves a mini CRF session. 


Reply to our email at with your available dates to set up your assessment.

Download the Core Rhythm Fitness App to your phone to purchase, schedule, and manage your sessions with CRF at anytime. Conveneince at your fingertips!