Questionnaire + CRF Nutrition Narrative + Online Community

Experience our CRF Methodology on your own with our remote option. Tell us all about your journey and current eating habits on our custom nutrition questionnaire and we will prepare your own personal CRF Nutrition Narrative for you. You will be able to practice our methodology remotely and engage with our online community and "Team Tips" throughout your experience.


We believe that your metabolism is the engine of your body. We believe that food is the fuel. There are different types of fuel that work for different machines. Nutrition with Core Rhythm Fitness is an opportunity to identify what foods work for your body type to keep you energized for the life you get to live. Our methodology was developed through a decade of nutrition coaching based off of urinalysis testing. CRF creates a Nutrition Narrative for each individual that 1.) details our philosophy, 2.) outlines what foods will allow one to reach their personal goals, and 3.) offers intentionality to make these shift into a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle. The CRF Nutrition Narrative is structured into 4 chapters that walk you step by step; jump starting your metabolism, and then retraining your digestive system to process a wider range of foods more efficiently. The CRF Nutrition Narrative is not a diet, it is a dynamic alignment that opens up nutritional awareness to apply to a sustainable lifestyle.



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