Meet the Core Rhythm Fitness Team


ROBERT RAEDER (General manager)

As the general manager of Core Rhythm Fitness, I am excited to support all of our clients throughout their health and wellness journey! By streamlining our operations and growth, I'm striving to put CRF on the map. I moved to NYC in the spring of 2015 from London after finishing my masters degree in classical acting from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I was looking to jumpstart my fitness lifestyle and find a healthier, more sustainable version of me, so I became hooked on CRF as a client first and instantly fell in love with the passion that drives this company. I quickly took the leap to join the team professionally! I believe strongly in what we do and our team's ability to help you create astonishing transformations, so I am dedicated to sharing Core Rhythm Fitness with the world! 



My role at Core Rhythm Fitness gives me the privilege of being involved with your transformation on a daily basis, as the facilitator of your experience. I am passionate about discovering the alignment where you feel empowered by your agency. My role allows me to be your “support system” during each step of the Core Rhythm Fitness journey. I first partnered with CRF as a client, so I have a personal understanding of your experience. Having been a NCAA Division 1 varsity athlete at Princeton University, as well as a professional dancer, singer and actor (currently performing in Aladdin on Broadway), I knew how to live a highly active and physical life which demands from my body everyday. Yet, it was CRF that took my health and wellness to its most optimal; a place of holistic sustainability in body, mind, and spirit. It is absolutely thrilling to be able to work closely with you as a wellness coach to provide the resources and accountability you need to tap into your powerhouse, and activate your purpose.

Catalina rozo (nutritionist)


As Holistic Nutritional Health Consultant, passionate about life and all-around wellness, my role here at CRF is to inspire you to reconnect with your body, mind, and soul.

Being part of CRF community gives me the opportunity to show you the importance of a balanced lifestyle and how to eat well, move well and breathe well in our hectic day-to-day lives. Healthy is not a diet, a ‘fad’, a week or months choice, it is a lifestyle that can easily and seamlessly be introduced into yours through just a few simple small steps which will ultimately achieve long-lasting results.

I will share with you, my favorite tips and recipes that are quick, easy and nourishing. You will try different foods and add in more goodness rather than cutting out, this way the old habits will easily fall away. You will be inspired by your new nourishing creations, and most importantly you will learn how to look after yourself and to feel amazing.



Making a change to your health and fitness is an exciting decision that you will never regret, but the journey of taking a new step, putting the work in, and saying YES to improving your body is not always easy. As a CRF trainer, that's what I'm here for! Not only do I desire to partner with you to create transformation in your strength, fitness and appearance, but I am excited to come along side you as a coach and encourager in making changes to your life that will elevate you to new heights mentally, emotionally & spiritually. It's time to live abundantly and inspire those around you! My own journey into health and fitness was bumpy and riddled with self doubt and insecurities so I understand that change is hard and sometimes uncomfortable. I will never allow you to feel judged or inadequate as we work towards greatness, BUT I will push you past your limits into the new realms of possibility that await you! Stop surviving; start thriving & awaken your CORE: the essence of who you truly are. I hope you will allow me to walk (and occasionally jog) this path of discovery with you!

Brianna Kalisch (CRF Trainer)

Fighting for yourself, your better self, and carving out time to invest in self improvement is very challenging - just look at how many resolutions go to the wayside by February. Too often the things we hope, wish, and want for ourselves are forgotten or given up. That’s why I’m a trainer with Core Rhythm Fitness - to fight with you, and to fight for you! To remind you that you are very much worth it and to guide you as you navigate your fitness journey. You made the decision to champion yourself and I’m 100% with you.  I've worked as a trainer in New York and in London, but regardless of where I am I have found that JOY is key. What excites you? What do YOU want to accomplish?  I’m inspired by circus and gymnastics and love challenging myself to learn new skills. Whether it is losing weight, improving functional movement, a new personal record for marathon time, or finally doing a headstand, I am committed to helping YOU achieve YOUR goals!

Matthew Johnson Harris (CRF instructor)

Matthew Johnson Harris is a New York City based writer, group fitness instructor, and performer. He is originally from Lewisville, TX and moved to New York City in 2010. He holds multiple certifications to teach a diverse catalog of classes that have been featured in a variety of publications. Though the formats vary, the energy and intention stays the same. You will sweat and burn a ton of calories, all while experiencing an escape for 45 minutes that will lead to a self-image deeper than aesthetics. That mindset is what makes him a perfect fit for Core Rhythm Fitness.