See How Our Clients Rewrote Their Health and Wellness Narrative by Partnering with Core Rhythm Fitness

Our client, Griffin matthews, came to us looking to gain size and muscle. as a performer, he wanted to look and feel on the same level as entertainers much bigger than he was. here is how he rewrote his narrative: 

“I definitely feel better about my body. I used to constantly be told how skinny I was, which for a man is not always the greatest compliment. And now, my body is much more defined. I'm still thin...I probably always will be, but people definitely have noticed that my muscle mass has increased. I've put on 15lbs since I first started CRF. My clothes look better. And no matter what other people think...I'm much happier about being in shape. I am far more conscious about what I put into my body. I drink far less alcohol. Rarely eat sweets/desserts. My body doesn't even really crave sugar. Eat organic fruits and veggies. My skin has cleared. I sleep better. It's truly a different lifestyle. My diet is far more balanced. As long as I'm making my living as an artist/performer, I plan to stay as physically fit and healthy as possible. Being in shape and eating right prevents all kinds of problems that plague performers: stress, fatigue, sickness, depression, injury... I think I've become the CRF mascot. I've pretty much told all of my friends that they need to do it. Immediately.”

-Griffin Mathews

Writer of Invisible Thread (2econd Stage Theatre, Off-Broadway)

Our client, Tina Cervasio, lives a busy life as a sportscaster, traveling around the world to report on the most premiere athletes. She came to CRF to learn tactics to create sustainability in her health at home and also on the road. Here is how she rewrote her narrative:

I see myself as a woman who is resilient.  I see myself as someone who values taking care of their body for their HEALTH and MIND ... (it's not about the bikini) and how those aspects can even affect me spiritually.  I see myself as a positive person who loves life, people, and embracing the beautiful, natural food of the earth the Lord has provided us to nourish us.  (Nourish is different than stuffing with gluttony)

I learned (through CRF) that it is NO JOKE the food allergies and sensitivities I have and how they can affect me physically inside and out! I learned that sugars are from the devil. I learned I have a body that responds better to weight lifting/toning better than just cardio. And I need to work my muscles to keep my metabolism working efficiently.  I learned drinking tons of water is easy.  I learned that it's okay to bring my own food to events and work.  I learned to make better decisions when eating out! I learned it's okay to alter your meals at restaurants. I learned chicken is pointless and I learned to eat some new foods that are amazing and I can see how they benefit my body.  I learned when I screw up, don't give up, and just regroup and focus on sticking to my narrative starting that very moment. It's pretty simple.

I envision myself helping others see you have to listen to your body and respect food sensitivities and allergies.  I envision myself always being fit and enjoying REAL, NATURAL foods ... key-word: enjoying!!! It's all in just making your selections from your CORE!

I am telling all my friends and family about CRF!"

-Tina Cervasio

(Fox Sports)

Our client, michael, came to us because he could see the results manifesting in other clients. He wanted to taste those results for himself and prove that age is just a number. Here is how he rewrote his narrative:

I see myself the way I have always wanted to see myself..fit, happier than I've ever been , in the best shape mentally and physically I've ever been in because of you and your program!!!! I was putting garbage in my body; even with my cycling 20 miles every day weather permitting for over 25 years I was never able to get myself as fit as I am now.I love how I eat now, totally satisfied...I'm amazed with the end result! I plan to stay the course, be vigilant with what I put into my body and continue exercising until my last dying day!!!

About my life...ah wonderful...endless possibilities!!

Every single person that comments to me on how fab I look...I AM COMPLETELY SATISFIED... %100”
-Michael Ash

our client, asmeret, came to us after looking everywhere for a something that would be sustainable for her. She found patience and PERSEVERANCE on the road to her results. Here is how she rewrote her narrative:

I see myself as a strong, lean, fat burning machine!!!! I have learned that certain foods, like certain energies, are just better to avoid in my everyday life. I now know exactly how to eat in order to fuel my body for my very active lifestyle. Looking at the before and after, I remember how differently I felt posing for each one. I felt embarrassed during the first photo, and so proud for the after!!! I plan to eat exactly the same way I have been. I have tons of options, and I feel like a total lifestyle change has been made. I AM SO SO SO SATISFIED!!! I now see that there is nothing that can stop my fitness and nutrition goals. With a little bit of guidance, a lot of discipline, and a ton of trust, I am now the leanest I have been in almost 10 years. CRF was amazing. I was encouraged just when I needed to be. I would recommend CRF to anyone who has ever felt stuck; in life, career, and nutrition. The mind/body/spirit connection is real, and with each chapter of my narrative, I was confronted with different themes. At times, I was very challenged and discouraged, but I knew I had to just stay in my lane and keep my eyes on the prize. Things were slow going for me at first, but all I did was put my faith in Rodrick and in myself, and I have soared to new heights and feel more confident than ever! I am forever grateful to CRF for helping me change my life!!!”


Our client, Josh, came to us in a partnership with Sam Fitness, one of NYC's top personal trainers. He was looking to take his health/fitness to the next level, by being intentional about his nutrition and learning about his eating habits. Here is how he rewrote his narrative:

"I see myself as more fit, more attractive physically and spiritually...happier. There is a very SMALL difference between right and wrong but what a HUGE difference it makes. It’s kind of addictive...I see myself staying with it...can't lie, I do like the results. Totally satisfied! Anyone who asks me how I did it will be a referral!







Our client, Luke, came to us ready to make a change. He had made a mental decision that he was ready to transform and take charge of his life, by changing his food intake and really committing to exercise. Here is how he rewrote his narrative: 

Words cannot describe how LIFE CHANGING working with CRF has been for me. I have had some pretty crazy physical transformations, but I was not expecting my mind and spirit to completely transform as well. Throughout the four chapters, I learned how to let go of the things that are out of my control, open my heart to new people, adventures, experiences, as well as discover the right kind of nutrition my body needs to thrive daily. I have more energy and no longer have a desire to eat anything that will not fuel my body. CRF sets you up to succeed!! They guide you every step of the way as you add more and more food, muscle, and LIFE into your customized chapters. If there is one monumental thing I learned from CRF it is this: You have the power to write the story of your life! If you are looking to make some changes. Do it. Don’t wait for permission. Dream big! CRF will help you make that happen. Lastly, the world is ready to see your true, authentic, unapologetic, powerful, beautiful self! Enjoy the journey! If you work with CRF I promise you will have many mind, body, and spirit, breakthroughs. That is the power of the SHRED and CRF. I cannot thank this incredible team enough for this new life! 


Our client, Albie, came to us from the hit Bravo TV Show, Manzo'd With Children. Living in the public eye, Albie knew that he was ready to make a lifestyle change that gave him more sustainability and support throughout his busy days. Here is how he rewrote his narrative: 

After undergoing the CRF process, it's a lot of fun to hear people comment on the change they've witnessed in me physically. It feels great to hear that people notice a difference and I am definitely a lot happier with how I look now compared to when I began training with Rodrick. But I find it funny that I am often asked about my results with questions focused on the amount of weight I lost or what percentage of body fat was I able to cut. Ironically, that is definitely not where I consider to be the biggest impact CRF has made in my life to be, and that is what sets CRF apart from every other program that exists. The real difference that is made at the end of the program is not something you can weigh or measure, it is a feeling. You come out of CRF not as a different person, but as a manifestation of who you are truly capable of being, your best self. It's not about losing weight or fat; it's about losing bad habits, excuses, negative thoughts, self doubt, any voice inside you that has perpetually held you back in life. CRF has taught me to make real decisions in order to better myself and hold myself accountable to the goals I set. CRF is about control, taking control of your life and the decisions we make that effect it both inside and out. I have never felt more confident in myself and my ability to make choices that keep my life in a constant state of progression. This is not a diet, this is not a personal training trick, this is a partnership you enter with the intention to change your entire life. I started CRF at a time where I felt very uncertain, my confidence had been shaken and the only thing I knew for sure was that I wasn't happy. A few short months later and I can't tell you the last time that my alarm woke me up. I jump out of bed excited to start my day, excited to make an impact on my future and I am so unbelievably grateful for Rodrick and the CRF team for helping me reach this place.