Cori R.

CRF Nutrition & Personal Training client

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you all how much you truly mean to me.  

Words cannot describe how blessed I am to have you all in my life. Food was my vice to the point at times I had to take drastic measures to contain some of my poor eating habits.  I decided it was time to change the stories that were not serving me but I knew I needed help because every time I tried to be a "one woman" band, I fell back into certain habits and felt defeated all over again.

I always wanted to know more about CRF but I let a lot of considerations get in the way. When I saw my friend Paris, a CRF client as welll, her results physically, emotionally and mentally were remarkable. I asked her how and she said...CRF!!!  God's timing is always a perfect one.

You all have shown me what is possible when I CHOOSE ME FIRST. From the very depths of my heart, I thank you so much for believing in me, pushing, encouraging me and for being a safe place for me to lean on.  You all can not begin to know what you have grown to mean to me. If I had a million tongues in every language conceived, it still wouldn't be enough to express my gratitude. Know that I am CRF for life!!!


mario h.

CRF Nutrition & Group Fitness client

The Shred pushed me and helped me to open up in enormous ways. Consistency. Sustainability. Holistic. Pilates...

I learned how to find calm within panic to get stronger. I learned to face resistance. The truth is there is no going back now. I think some part of me thought I’d eventually be eating them red velvet cupcakes and pasta from my favorite Italian joint come February. But it’s not that. Fitness and loving yourself, much like being a disciplined artist, is a LIFESTYLE CHOICE.

This new ground. This new feeling is alignment. It’s so interesting that this new chapter is called Ownership. I have ownership over my body. ‘Command of my body’ is a phrase I spoke to Michelle that I longed for when I first met her. I’m in a process that has thrown accountability in my corner. I’m in command.

Thanks for seeing me and believing in me. The space you have all created has allowed me to grow.


izzy g.

CRF Nutrition & Group Fitness client

I LEARNED ABOUT LOVING MYSELF. I learned that it's a choice everyday to be love and be happy and practice self love. I feel so good. On the inside and out. I love discovering something new about my body everyday and I am grateful and hungry for more shifts and improvement in ALL areas of my life.

I feel closer to my goals and its exhilarating! I feel like I've really gotten to know my body better and what it needs to succeed. Eating this way has helped my confidence a lot... not just in my body image but in myself. I have learned so much and I want to keep learning. Eating this way really enriches and deepens the "fruit" of life. #DEEP. This Shred transformation is genius. And now I know the secret to a happy life. And that is GIVING LOVE! To my body, to my mind, to my people, experiences, living in the moment and to the fullest and it all starts with food! Healthy choices = love. BOOM.