THE SHRED is an intense combination package of the full Core Rhythm Fitness experience: Tailored Nutrition, Group Fitness Classes and Premium Accountability geared to sculpt, define and SHRED. 

THE SHRED is a challenge. The challenge offers: 

10 CRF Group Fitness Sessions (Must attend minimum of 3 per week)

2 Week Tailored Nutrition Narrative (CRF Chapter I)

A custom nutrition narrative created from your Urinalysis lab results to identity what your body absorbs, what it burns and what YOU need to be eating! 

*The participant who loses the most lbs., inches and body fat % will receive a free private 1-on-1 CRF Personal Fitness Session and 50% off of the remaining Chapters in their CRF Nutrition Narrative (Chapters II - IV).

Previous Two-Week Shred Results