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At Core Rhythm Fitness, we seek to discover the optimum of living through fitness, nutrition, accountability and empowerment. Founded in 2012 by our CEO, Rodrick Covington, we are a boutique fitness and nutrition company based in SoHo, New York City. We believe the best way to transform the body is through the core. We use pilates and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) methodology to build core strength and create alignment in the body.

Our signature CRF pilates warm up, in combination of high-intensity (HIIT) group fitness offerings, personal training and personalized tailored nutrition is the formula in how we manifest transformation. If you want a good class, you can go anywhere. However, if you are looking to create transformation, be apart of a supportive community and manifest remarkable results in your mind, body and spirit, CRF is here for you.


meet the crf team



Founder & CEO

I truly believe when you give your body the best, the universe smiles back and give YOU the best! Known as the SHRED KING, I specialize in core sculpting and shredding!

Certifications: NASM, SOMA Pilates, Precision Nutrition certification



Jay Covington

General Manager

The journey of transformation starts with a single step. To create a shift in your lifestyle requires patience, hard work and community! At CRF we specialize in SHREDDING, SCULPTING and TONING the body.




CRF Admin Enrollment Specialist

"Stop canceling on yourself." So often we cancel on ourselves and put important needs like Fitness and Nutrition second. When we SHOW up for ourselves we create purpose and reorganize our mind to know that we are important and valued.

Certifications: NASM PT, Pilates Module 1, Pre and Post Natal




CRF Trainer

Health and fitness is a lifestyle, only when you immerse yourself fully, that is where you find freedom!

Certifications: Pilates, Barre, ACE



Marquise Hitchcock-Jones

CRF Trainer / Group Fitness Motivator

The way that you show up for yourself in the gym is reflective of how you show up for yourself in life. I’m passionate about helping people like you recognize that it isn’t always easy but it is always worth it. When you choose to nourish the many gifts the have placed inside of you through Fitness and Wellness, those gifts externally transcend. There isn’t a thing that you can’t do!

Certifications: ACE, Horton Dance Pedagogy, Sports Performance



Michelle Grader

CRF Lead Nutritionist

Eating healthy and being healthy is not a diet, a size nor does it have a label. It is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that works for you, makes you happy and allows you to live your life to the fullest. So eat up, and be happy!

Certifications: RDN (registered dietitian nutritionist), NASM CPT



Emilie Battle

CRF Trainer / Group Fitness Motivator

We must always accept challenges so we can feel the exhilaration of victory.

Certifications: NASM CPT; Pilates Academy International; Director of Client Relations




CRF Trainer

I specialize in sculpting the body, enlightening the mind, and filling the soul. All that you need and all that you know is within you.

Certifications: NASM CPT, Women's Fitness Specialization, Weight Loss Specialization, MMA & Muay Thai Kickboxing, NPC Bodybuilding



Matthew Johnson Harris

CRF Group Fitness Motivator

You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are stronger than you think.

Certifications: ACE Group fitness certification



CARly Schnitzer

Director of Social Media and Marketing

Trying everyday to live in alignment with my authentic self. I have found my strength, commitment and higher vibration through fitness. My goal is to help others who want to live their best life!



IMan barnes

Group Fitness Motivator

Certifications: NASM CPT


Make It series

Rodrick Covington

From performing on Broadway to building his own health and wellness company, our founder Rodrick Covington does it all. Check out the video below in collaboration with Squarespace highlighting our founder and our work at Core Rhythm Fitness.


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